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History   of the Ladies  Auxiliary
Brockville’s Branch #96 Ladies’ Auxiliary is one of the oldest and most active groups in Ontario.

The first Ladies Auxiliary was started with six Ladies in 1926 in the Toronto area.

Formed April  19, 1928, just one  year after the Royal Canadian Legion received its charter (1927), the Brockville Ladies Auxiliary  has worked hard to assist their  Branch over the years.

“This Auxiliary consisted of 26 ladies that went under the title of  The  B.E.S.L.   The British Empire Service  League.Eventually,  the Legion Auxiliary held an annual convention and later changed its name in 1962 to the present    Royal Canadian Legion  ” Ladies’ Auxiliary.”

In the early years, women were asked to help wounded veterans who were hospitalized by visiting them as well as sending parcels to them &  needy families.

These Ladies served the veterans & their  dependants.Thus our Ladies Auxiliary unofficially became a reality of  292  Auxiliaries  with   13, 731  members to date.

Today, the Ladies  Auxiliary is very active in  supporting their Legion Branch and  also their communites.

Brockville’s   Ladies’ Auxiliary has about 100 members /volunteers who work enthusiastically at catered events, preparing  funeral or birthday luncheons etc., organize bazaars &  fundraisers  and   so many other activities within the Branch.

Women interested in becoming a member and getting involved need ony click on the membership on our Home page.

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