In House Rules and Information

Ladies Auxiliary to Branch 96 In House Rules and Information

Revised June 25, 2013


Work Times:

Work times consist of all money making activities for the L. A. or Sports such as:

Bazaars                                             Bake Sales

Making Sandwiches                          Car Washes

Catering                                            Funeral Lunches

Canteen                                             Garage Sales


All General Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each Month at 7pm except July, August & Dec.

If you don’t attend the meetings then you will not know what is going on or coming up.


A Branch function such as the Remembrance Day Dinner or any function that the Ladies Auxiliary are asked to assist in serving etc. is also classed as a work time for L. A. members.

Any member paid for working is not considered a work time.


Mileage:  Mileage of $0.30 per kilometer is paid to a member to drive to Zone Meetings/Conventions or Sports Events (drivers are Pre-arranged through President or Sports Officer). Drivers must take riders to and from the event and must have two or more riders to get there mileage covered.

If a bus is provided and a member wishes to drive herself, then their mileage will not be paid.


Catering:  The Caterer is paid $2.00 per plate/per function, any function of 50 people or less the fee will be $100.00 (passed at 11/22/05 meeting).


Dishwashing:  If a dishwasher is needed, they will be paid $75.00 per function up to 150 people and $100.00 for functions of 150 and over.


Kitchen Cleaning:  The cleaner will be paid $15.00 per hour or max. of $60.00 to clean the kitchen under normal circumstances.

Preferably to follow the Branch monthly  breakfast.


Honorariums:  Honorariums are usually paid as follow, at Christmas time when approved by the membership:  Secretary-$50.00, Membership-$50.00 and Treasurer-$75.00.


Attendance: Members sign in at each meeting. 50/50 draw available @ .50 each or 3 for $1.00. A half portion of the money collected is paid to the person whose name/number is drawn.  The balance goes into the social fund.  (This sign in book is used for information to determine # of meetings attended by each person for sports qualifications & she must sign in herself)




In order to play sports each player must have their dues paid by Dec. 31st of the previous year (example paid for 2013 by Dec. 31st 2012) and must have their required five (5) work times and three (3) meetings in during the period from June 1st of one year to May 31st of the following year.  (Passed June 25, 2013)


Gold Star Members do not require work times but must attend at least 3 meetings during the period indicated above.


According to Ontario Provincial Command – Sports must be self-sufficient (see pg. 5 of the sports rule book).  Funds cannot be used from the general account for sports.  Other than Sports expenses the only other place money can be used is to donate to the Ontario Bursary Fund.


Funds for Sports are raised from the following: 

Annual Sports dues of $2.00 per Person

50/50 draws at sports events

$2.00 weekly to play darts/cards

Summer Fun Nights

Canteens at Sports events

Dart/Card Tournaments

Fundraising events for Sports


Expenses covered from the Sports Account: 

Canteens (for a sports event)

Registration fees & mileage if applicable for a person(s)/team(s) playing in Zone Sports.

Registration fees, travel expenses, meals and accommodations if required for a person(s)/team(s) playing in District or Provincial tournaments. 

Trophies / cash awards.

Miscellaneous expenses related to sports- i.e. photocopying, advertizing etc.

If we do not raise enough money to meet expenses, players will have to pay their own way.

Sports major fund raising events are L. A. Sports Tournaments, Summer Fun Nights, and Canteen’s at sports events, Open Sports Tournaments and any other fundraising event approved by the L.A. Executive  Committee.